Lining, Carpeting & Insulation

Carpet lining can completely transform the inside of your van or campervan, making it look and feel like a more comfortable place to be. This combined with insulation is the first stage of a quality campervan build. This not only reduces road noise when driving but also keeps you warm during those chilly nights and cool during those hot summer days. We can supply a multitude of colours and fabrics to add a unique feel and look to your camper or van. We use the highest quality fabrics to ensure that once you leave our workshop your van will remain as good in the future as it does now.

Economy Lining


Involves us carpet lining your existing ply boards.

Standard Lining


Involves making a new ply lining kit (includes sides and 12mm floor) and carpeting with removable panels.

Deluxe Lining


Involves making a new ply lining kit (includes sides and 12mm floor), carpeting and double insulation of all the cavities.


Adding a durable and stylish flooring to your van is an essential step in the campervan build process. This not only looks good but also adds to the sound deadening further reducing road noise. We can also add a layer of underfloor insulation to add even more thermal properties to your van. We use 12mm marine grade ply with a very durable Altro non-slip floor covering. These come in a multitude of different colours and finishes for you to choose from.

Flooring Package


Includes underfloor insulation + 12mm ply floor + Altro walkway floor covering

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